Alexey Sizov

Attorney at law
  • KIAP is a standout team of breakthrough litigators
    Legal 500 EMEA 2014
  • The team always works hard to find the best solution for our business
    Chambers Europe 2014
  • The team has excellent expertise and is aware of the subtleties of the arbitration process
    Chambers Europe 2014
  • The team demonstrated a very commercial approach: hands-on partners that helped clients to achieve their goals
    Chambers Europe 2016
  • A top choice for mid-market cases, representing both international clients and notable local names
    Chambers Europe 2018
  • KIAP areas of expertise include financial liability and insurance disputes as well as debt recovery claims. Acts on contractual disputes and assists with local enforcement proceedings
    Chambers Europe 2018
  • Represents clients from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail and pharmaceuticals
    Chambers Europe 2018
  • The team has a very practical and can-do attitude
    Chambers Europe 2018
  • KIAP team provides comprehensive legal advice that combines a strong breadth of resources with deep knowledge of the client’s business
    Legal 500 EMEA 2018
  • The team is praised for their ability to resolve complex cases quickly
    Legal 500 EMEA 2018
  • They are flexible and everything they provide is highly detailed. We appreciate the commercial approach and personalised attention of KIAP lawyers
    Chambers Europe 2019
  • Highly professional and experienced
    Legal 500 EMEA 2019
  • Reliable partners for business due to their deep knowledge of the industry
    Legal 500 EMEA 2019
Partner, Attorney at law, Head of Administrative practice as well as Customs and International Trade practice. Comes highly recommended by the international legal directories Best Lawyers 2021 (in three areas: Customs and Excise Law, Litigation, Trade Law) and Who's Who Legal 2019 (Trade & Customs), as well as by Russian Pravo-300 (Foreign trade/Customs Law and Currency Regulation) and "Kommersant" (Customs and International trade). Earlier he served Customs Authorities as a legal adviser for two years, as well as was an employee of the Directorate of Legal Affairs of Severstal JSC for a term of 6 years. More


  • Law Department of Russian Customs Academy. Diploma with honours (1996 — 2001)


Customs and International Trade:

  • Advocacy for clothing importer in a series of administrative actions for misdeclaration and filing of invalid documents when completing customs formalities. All court rulings holding the company liable were quashed by a superior court, with proceedings in the cases terminated.

  • Representing an international trade company in an appeal against the decision of the Federal Customs Service on trade value correction. The above-mentioned decision was found unlawful by the courts, and the risk of the company being unjustifiably charged was mitigated.  
  • Representation of the interests of a major trader subjected to an desktop customs audit, which resulted in extra customs charges for earlier imports. A review of the audit findings suggested that the customs ruling could be challenged under a pre-action protocol. Having reviewed the complaint, the superior customs authority found the customs charges illegal and set aside the ruling.
  • Advising a major importer on the applicability of technical regulations to imports into the Eurasian Economic Union. 

  • Advising a major trader on changes in the TN VED [Export and Import Commodity Classification (IMEXCC)] classification code for prior imports.
  • Successful defence of the interests of a large mining and smelting company in several court disputes with customs agencies on invalidation of rulings with respect to adjustments to the customs value for imported goods.
  • Representation of a subsidiary of a mining and smelting holding in a series of customs disputes with the customs agency with respect to refunds of customs duties enforced against the company. Result of the dispute: customs duties refunded, with the interest paid by the customs agency for having violated the timeframe with respect to the refund.
  • Advising a global player in the garment market on customs valuation under contracts between affiliates.
  • Advising an international pharma company on the classification of imported items. 
  • Legal support of a client on the issue of changes of classification codes for previously imported goods and a refund of overpaid customs duties and taxes.
  • Representation of trading company during the inspection by the Central Customs Administration on the issue of customs value of previously imported goods. The customs value was found to be correct and the inspection was completed without any negative consequences for the client.

Administrative law:

  • Representing interests of a large trading company in the case on administrative liability for import and sale of products covered by sanctions. The court found that the actions of the company complied with the laws and terminated the proceedings on the case.
  • Striking down 63 administrative fines from FAS of Russia totalling 126 mln rbl. for one of the biggest retailers in connection with accusations of discrimination against suppliers of fish and fish products.
  • Defense of a trading company in the case on administrative liability for sale of goods containing illegal reproduction of another person’s trademark. Based on results of the legal investigation the arbitrazh court awarded to refuse in prosecution of the company.
  • Representation of international trading company in a series of administrative cases initiated in connection with the violation of technical regulations. As a result, the courts refused to satisfy the claims of the administrative body to suspend the operation of the company.    
  • Contestation of the decision of the district administration on refusal to transfer a title to a land plot to a building company. The decision of the administration was found to be unlawful, the arbitrazh court obliged the administration to transfer the land plot into the ownership of the company.
  • Official and judicial defense of a large retailer in a series of cases on suspension and cancellation of a license for retail sale of alcoholic products. As a result all legal claims of the parties were abandoned, the client company continued to sale alcoholic products.
  • Advisory services to a foreign trading company on the issues of import and turnover of alcohol-containing products on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Russian Federation.
  • Advisory services to a participant of the marketing services market on a number of issues related to compliance with the laws on protection of consumers.
  • Defense of an international airline in a series of cases defending the airline from accusations of administrative responsibility for violation of transport security legislation. As result, all 40 cases were terminated. 

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