Kirill Korshunov

Kirill Korshunov

Attorney, head of Mobilization Consulting practice
Senior Associate in Dispute Resolution practice

Senior Associate in Dispute Resolution Practice. For more than six years has been defending clients' interests in courts of various instances, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. The main specialization is corporate conflicts, bringing to subsidiary liability and disputes in the field of real estate. Has extensive experience in collecting losses from top management of companies.

In addition to representation in courts, Kirill is engaged in out-of-court settlement of disputes: mediation and negotiations. He is a member of the Mediation Center at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and heads the practice of corporate conflicts there.


Author of the book "How to draw up procedural documents so that the court set them as an example."

He is a member of the expert council of the Corporate Lawyer magazine.

KIAP conducted an on-site inspection of the contract management and "compliance" system to identify risks of improper contract performance with the operator of one of the production sharing agreements. This project is systemically important because, among other things, it generates substantial tax revenues for the regional and federal budgets, as well as providing jobs, including for the local ...