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In cooperation with several partner law firms, KIAP lawyers provide, inter alia, the following services in Türkiye:

  • Legal representation of clients before state courts and other public authorities in Türkiye
  • Advice on issues of Turkish Corporate and Tax law
  • Assistance in relocation and adaptation of employees of companies
  • Advise on issues of Migration and Employment law, as well as obtainment of residence permit
  • Advice and legal support in registering legal entities and opening bank accounts
  • Assistance with selection of real estate, accounting, notary, translation and other services
  • Supervision of foreign lawyers in international projects

  • Prepared a step-by-step plan for relocation of 50 employees of a company and obtainment of a residence permit with individual support at each stage.

  • Established several legal entities for the Russian group of companies.

  • Opened bank accounts for all employees of an IT company and opened a corporate account for the same company.

  • Assisted in recognition and enforcement of an international arbitral award in Türkiye with subsequent initiation of bankruptcy against the debtor.

  • Structured a number of interdependent transactions under Turkish law for the company that produces and supplies industrial goods.

  • Arranged accounting service providers for dozens of companies.