Commercial Practice

Julia Kirpikova

Julia Kirpikova

Head of practice
Attorney at law
Ilya Ischuk

Ilya Ischuk

Attorney at law
Ph.D in Law

  • Consulting on doing business in Russia
  • Drafting and due diligence of civil law contracts, assistance in negotiations related to executing, amending and terminating contracts
  • Development of the contractual links system, including in the sphere of international and regional distribution
  • Development and bringing the Company's internal regulations (policies) into correspondence with the Russian legislation
  • Consulting in the sphere of e-commerce and electronic payment systems
  • Development and analysis of the documents governing sales promotion (games, lotteries, contests)
  • Legal support in the sphere of personal and confidential data protection
  • Consulting in the sphere of licensing of certain types of activities and environmental regulation
  • Legal services outsourcing

  • Advising Russian subsidiaries of an international air carrier in complex negotiations.
  • Expertise in and development of the contractual links structure for the global hotel chain.
  • Drafting the Distribution Agreement for the English producer of tea and coffee.
  • Due diligence of the supply contract for the international chemicals manufacturer.
  • Advising a leading company specializing in development of marketing programs for retail business in relation to the changing of its contractual regime with retail chains.
  • Advising a large Russian hotel regarding termination of a distribution agreement with an international hotel chain.
  • Bringing the services contract of the foreign sports media company in compliance with the Russian legislation.
  • Consulting the international manufacturer of electronic gauges in the sphere of requirementsenvisaged in the Russian legislation to the accompanying documents for electronic gauges.
  • Consulting a British manufacturer of hair care products regarding the marking of goods not intended for personal use.
  • Advising an Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods on legal risks concerning implementation of a new marketing program aimed at attracting  a new age category of customers.
  • Consulting an international online fashion store on the issue of brand promotion through e-mail distribution targeted at the Russian consumer.
  • Advising a large manufacturer of drinks on the holding of a public event in the Russian Federation.
  • Advising an international producer of bakery products on its package of internal documents relating to personal data protection.
  • Advising an international producer of glass and glass products on the preparation of a personal data protection policy.
  • Multidisciplinary consulting of the large Russian investment company in the sphere of requirements of the Russian legislation to operations of the rabbit farms, including environmental and veterinary regulations.
  • Consulting in the sphere of legal requirements to installation, storage, operation and disposal of generators produced by the global leader in the sphere of telecommunications.
  • Advising an international manufacturer of electronic devices on requirements for import and turnover of encryption tools under Russian legislation.
  • Consulting an international coffee company on the legal requirements for the installation and usage of coffee vending machines in Russia.  
  • Drafting an opinion on correspondence of the innovative arrangement for cross-border funds transfer to the requirements of the Russian legislation in the sphere of international funds transfer system.
  • Consulting the start-up project on the possibility to implement the acquiring project in Russia.
  • Consulting an executive-class car manufacturer concerning the conclusion of contracts in Russia with the use of individual types of electronic signature.
  • Drafting the documents in the sphere of personal data protection for the leading company specializing in development of marketing programs for retail business.
  • Consulting on the optimization and proper legalization of information exchange, including cross-border transfer of personal data between the members of an international group of companies specializing in industrial safety.
  • Conducting a legal audit of business processes, including personal data processing by the Russian subsidiary of a major European chemical company.