Angelika Reshetnikova

Angelika Reshetnikova

Head of practice
Attorney at law

Head of the Intellectual Property Practice, Attorney at Law

Specialisation in the legal protection of intellectual property for over fifteen years. Prior to joining KIAP, she held the position of IP Practice Head at major law firms. She has extensive experience in supporting and protecting copyright and exclusive rights to intellectual property, including audiovisual works, software, know-how, and patents.

Angelika is a recognised expert in the protection of trademarks, trade names, and brands. She has successfully protected the clients’ interests in disputes over domain name rights. Angelika represents principals before the Russian Authors’ Society, Rospatent’s Chamber of Patent Disputes, the IP Court, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, arbitration courts, and general jurisdiction courts. She has successfully protected the rights of content authors and copyright holders on the Internet and suppressed the distribution of counterfeit products. She also advises companies on the implementation of protection measures to comply with GDPR requirements.

Speaker and participant in various conferences and forums on dispute resolution and intellectual property protection.
  • Ensuring complex protection of the brand for a pharmaceutical factory well-known in Russia and the CIS against unfair competition, including proceedings in the arbitration court and Administration of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, initiation of criminal proceedings under Article 180 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and holding competitors administratively liable by Rospotrebnadzor (Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being) at the request of the rights holder.
  • Representing a well-known photographer in a dispute with Samsung over unlawful use of a photographic work in GalaxyThemes with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd (Republic of Korea) acting as the application right holder. Extensive claims activities and negotiations resulted in a formal letter of apology by Samsung and the disputed theme was removed from GalaxyThemes.
  • Representing a well-known trademark right holder in the Moscow Arbitration Court in a suit to recover damages from Russia’s major chain retailer for unlawful trademark use, resulting in amicable settlement on terms favourable for the client.
  • Providing comprehensive customer support for Lingualeo, an educational platform for learning and practising a foreign language, including advisory services and structuring projects with the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. Supporting the client on copyright protection and disposal of IP deliverables.  Rendering legal assistance in contractual work, including proper formalisation of the activities carried out by company employees involved in IP deliverables creation, by means of duty assignments.
  • Representing a popular sports club in challenging the legal protection of a trademark identical to the sports club’s trade name. Having interacted with the IP Court Presidium, it became possible to completely reverse the lower-level courts’ practice and restore the legal protection to the trademark that used the client’s surname in the Latin transcription.