Kirill Korshunov

Kirill Korshunov

Head of practice

Senior Associate in Dispute Resolution Practice. For more than six years has been defending clients' interests in courts of various instances, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. The main specialization is corporate conflicts, bringing to subsidiary liability and disputes in the field of real estate. Has extensive experience in collecting losses from top management of companies.

In addition to representation in courts, Kirill is engaged in out-of-court settlement of disputes: mediation and negotiations. He is a member of the Mediation Center at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and heads the practice of corporate conflicts there.


Author of the book "How to draw up procedural documents so that the court set them as an example."

He is a member of the expert council of the Corporate Lawyer magazine.


Corporate conflicts

  • Representing the interests of foreign investors in a complex corporate conflict within a bank, which is in the top of 50 Russian banks. The largest court forfeit for non-transfer of documents was recovered in favor of investors at that time.

  • Successful defense of a subsidiary of a well-known oil and gas company from greenmail by a minority shareholder.

  • Representing the interests of the founder and director of a large agro-industrial enterprise of the Saratov region in disputes on challenging the transaction and recovering losses from them caused to the company by this transaction. The transaction remained in effect, and the claim for damages was refused.

  • Recovery of losses from the former director of an agro-industrial enterprise in Tver region, supplying products to federal retail chains. The court satisfied the claim in full.

Real estate and construction

  • Protection against demolition of the headquarters of a well-known Russian producer of alcoholic beverages. The building has been preserved.

  • Successfully challenging a fine for illegal redevelopment of a building rented from the city of Moscow.

  • Forced redemption in a judicial proceeding of a building and a land plot leased from the city of Moscow. The court ordered to sell the property at the price that the client insisted on.

  • Legal support in a dispute over the demolition of a cottage located next to the largest lake of the Territory in Krasnodar. The court decided to keep the cottage.

  • Successful collection in favor of the customer engaged in the restoration of cultural heritage sites, overpayment for substandard work, which he has already accepted.

  • Cancellation of a permit for the construction of a power transmission line, issued to the largest Russian metallurgical enterprise. During the consideration of the case, the authority that issued the building permit voluntarily canceled it.

Commercial disputes 

  • Protection against recognition and enforcement in Russia of three LCIA decisions against the principal. The court refused to recognize and enforce these decisions.

  • Debt collection from an IT company developing a procurement search system, and support in negotiations on the earliest possible repayment of the debt. The debtor repaid most of the debt even before the court's decision entered into legal force.

  • Recovery in favor of a well-known Latvian distressed asset management company of the debt awarded to it by the decision of the Riga court. The debtor paid off the debt and found buyers willing to purchase the mortgaged property.