Angelika Reshetnikova Heads KIAP’s Intellectual Property Practice

Angelika Reshetnikova Heads KIAP’s Intellectual Property Practice

KIAP announces the appointment of Angelika Reshetnikova as Head of KIAP’s Intellectual Property Practice.

Angelika has specialised in the legal protection of intellectual property for over fifteen years. Prior to joining KIAP, she held the position of IP Practice Head at major law firms. She has extensive experience in supporting and protecting copyright and exclusive rights to intellectual property, including audiovisual works, software, know-how, and patents.

Angelika is a recognised expert in the protection of trademarks, trade names, and brands. She has successfully protected the clients’ interests in disputes over domain name rights. Angelika represents principals before the Russian Authors’ Society, Rospatent’s Chamber of Patent Disputes, the IP Court, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, arbitration courts, and general jurisdiction courts. She has successfully protected the rights of content authors and copyright holders on the Internet and suppressed the distribution of counterfeit products. She also advises companies on the implementation of protection measures to comply with GDPR requirements.

Speaker and participant in various conferences and forums on dispute resolution and intellectual property protection. She is an Attorney at Law. Angelika’s hobbies and passions include alpine skiing, snowboarding, diving, practical shooting, architecture, and cinema.

“I am happy to join such an enthusiastic and forceful team as KIAP. As a litigator to the core, I see resolving complex IP disputes as the main focus of the Practice development. I am sure that together with the KIAP team we can develop promising IP court practice,” Angelika Reshetnikova says.

Andrey Korelskiy, Managing Partner at KIAP, comments: “KIAP’s Intellectual Property Practice has always been one of the most advanced and active. We are very grateful to Elena Buranova for her enormous contribution to the development of our law firm and wish her every success in her new position. Over several years of collaboration, our IP Practice projects have been highly rated by international and Russian legal rankings, and notable cases have been widely reported in the media. We hope that with Angelika’s appointment, the Practice will start a new stage of development and become even more visible and vibrant. Welcome aboard!”