Korelskiy, Ischuk, Astafiev & Partners and the Danes Abroad Business Group Announce Their Partnership

Korelskiy, Ischuk, Astafiev & Partners, Attorneys at Law, (KIAP) and the Danes Abroad Business Group (DABGO) announce their proposed cooperation for the facilitation of Danish business in Russia.

Within their proposed cooperation, each of the parties will share experiences and support to facilitate the implementation of joint projects. Their agreement strengthens the work they began last year on behalf of major Danish investment companies and will open new opportunities for further cooperation.

In particular, KIAP has been assisting DABGO's initiatives with the support of the Chairman of the Board of the Danish company Vidensbanken – Peder Borchert.  DABGO has already successfully implemented in Denmark, the USA and in a number of European and Asian countries, legal and organizational support of Danish businessmen during their international business trips.  Within the framework of their agreed cooperation with DABGO, KIAP has become the official partner of the initiative in Moscow.

The DABGO community was founded in USA in 2006 by Danish businessmen to provide professional support of Danish companies, represented throughout the world. Today DABGO is a global business network with more than 7500 participants.

“Cooperation with DABGO is another sign of the growing interest of Danish companies in the Russian market.  Understanding this trend is the main factor of the development of the Danish activities in Russia.  I am sure that our cooperation with DABGO will continue to result in many interesting Danish business activities and projects in the near future”, commented managing partner Andrey Korelskiy.