KIAP has been granted the status of an official legal partner of RSPP Mediation Center

KIAP has been granted the status of an official legal partner of RSPP Mediation Center

On June 25, 2021, KIAP signed a partnership agreement with RSPP Mediation Center. The agreement provides that KIAP acts as an independent legal consultant, to whom the parties to mediation can apply for an impartial and objective legal opinion to resolve the conflict.

This approach solves an important problem faced by parties in business mediation. Each of the parties, as a rule, has its own lawyers who can prepare a legal opinion. But the second party is usually skeptical about such a conclusion, since it was prepared by lawyers affiliated with her opponent. As a result, the conflict becomes more complicated: in addition to negotiations between the parties to mediation themselves, it is also necessary to conduct negotiations between their lawyers.

"The problem of" two lawyers "is solved if we introduce an independent legal consultant who will give an objective position without taking the side of any of the parties to the conflict. We are glad that KIAP has become such an independent consultant at the RSPP Mediation Center," said Andrei Korelskiy, managing partner of KIAP.

“The opinions of two or more lawyers often have to be coordinated with each other, wasting precious time. After all, each of the lawyers strives to protect the interests of his client to the maximum, sometimes seeing theoretical risks even where in practice they do not exist and cannot exist. The opinion of one neutral expert is always in the interests of both parties to mediation with an objective analysis of risks and proposals for their minimization. It is the ability of the parties to mediation at any stage to seek advice from a neutral legal expert helps to increase the speed and efficiency of the procedure, "added Anna Sorokina, Head of the RSPP Mediation Center.

The Mediation Center under the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs is a permanent body for the out-of-court settlement of business disputes with the participation of a mediator, created under the country's largest business association - the all-Russian public organization “Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs”.