Korelskiy, Ischuk, Astafiev & Partners and real, - Hypermarket Supported the Charity Fund “Give Life”

Realizing the children charity program, Korelskiy, Ischuk, Astafiev and Partners, Attorneys at Law and real,-Hypermarket (member of METRO Group) transferred the recovered judicial expenses on a major court case to the charity fund “Give Life”. Transferred means will be spent on treatment and rehabilitation of children with cancer.

Managing partner of the Law Firm Andrey Korelskiy commented: “We are happy that our charity program for kids is supported by our clients and partners, since there is nothing more important than the health of the younger generation. We hope that our initiative will serve as a good example of social responsibility and will receive a positive response from all of the legal community”.

“real,-Hypermarket has been the partner of the charity fund “Give Life” for several years already. Only in June this year, the company donated the fund with medical equipment worth two million rubles for the new Federal Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology. We are glad to find a kind partner in face of Korelskiy, Ischuk, Astafiev & Partners, Attorneys at Law in the realization of this joint social initiative for the benefit of the society”, said Maxim Arefiev, Head of the Legal Division of real,-Hypermarket.

“You have initiated a good charity program and we believe it is a very important and noble work worthy of respect. Thanks to your participation clinics received equipment, small patients - medications, and families - support. We thank you for your generosity and trust”, - said Chulpan Khamatova, co-founder of the fund.