KIAP Lawyers Secure Another Voluntary Reversal of Customs Ruling for Major Trader

In January 2013, goods imported by the KIAP's Client into the RF were revalued by customs - a Uralian District customs authority added royalties to the customs value of the goods.

The decision was challenged by the KIAP's lawyers in a court of law. The action was based on earlier precedent-setting successfully litigated disputes in the Central (case No A23-1555/2010) and North-Western (case No A44-3558/2010) Districts. As early as at the hearing before the court of first instance, the customs authority accepted the arguments of the claimant and voluntarily set aside its decision to adjust the customs value.

The early resolution of the dispute saved the client a great deal of time and money in litigation.

The interests of the Principal in this case were represented by the lawyers Alexey Sizov and Ilya Ischuk.

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