Lawyers at KIAP Reached an Out-of-Court Settlement in a Dispute between an Investor and One of the Largest Russian Investment Groups

Lawyers at Korelskiy, Ischuk, Astafiev and Partners, Attorneys at Law successfully completed the project in which they represented interests of an investor in its dispute with one of the largest investment companies in Russia.  The dispute concerning trust management over substantial financial investment assets has been resolved without filing a claim with the court authorities as the hearings thereon could have taken years and years.

Thanks to effective structure of complex negotiations and implementation of measures aimed at achieving amicable settlement, the lawyers of the Law Firm reached the terms of conflict settlement acceptable to the Principal and the investment company.

“Client support policy at Korelskiy, Ischuk, Astafiev and Partners, Attorneys at Law is aimed at by all means encouraging a resolution of potential court disputes on pre-trial stages, including through mediation process.  This allows not only saving time and money for otherwise lengthy court procedures and avoiding adding to the conflict the already overloaded court system but also to fully preserve confidential nature of the relationship causing the dispute,” the managing partner of the Law Firm Andrey Korelskiy commented on.

The project has been carried out with involvement of senior attorney Mikhail Samoylov and partner Konstantin Astafiev.