Sanction law and compliance Practice

Disputes involving sanction issues:

  • Representation in disputes in Commercial Arbitration and courts regarding sanction /counter-sanction measures
  • Memorandum / concurrent opinion in litigation

Consultations in sanction issues:

  • Providing enhancing sanction due diligence partners and third parties
  • Consulting on any aspect of sanction /counter-sanction legislation and sanction regimes
  • Advising about the company’s sanction compliance system
  • Developing sanctions risk mapping for companies, considering the profile of the company and interaction with counterparties and clients from the sanction lists.
  • Evaluation and assessment of sanction compliance policies and procedures
  • Advising on the development of contractual norms for the protection company’s interests regarding sanction /counter-measures
  • Consulting how to re-structure business assets considering the sanction element
  • Providing training for employees for companies
  • Interaction with national regulators (OFAC, OFSI, BAFA, SECO etc) including receiving licenses
  • Negotiations with counterparties, including banks on sanctions issues. Drafting memorandums, KYQ.

Consultations regarding anti-bribery and FCPA issues:

  • Consultancy on the implementation UK Bribery Act, FCPA, and other relevant anticorruption legislation and standards
  • Conducting anti-corruption investigation
  • Advising about anticorruption compliance measures
  • Providing anticorruption audit including speak-up system etc
  • Providing anti-corruption training
Denis Primakov
Head of practice
PhD in Law
  • Establishing sanction program/policy for Moscow Exchange Group

  • Consulting some brokering companies for sanction compliance (establishing internal sanction checks and policies)

  • Implementing anti-corruption standards and policies for several companies (including training for staff)

  • Implementation of sanction compliance in the Russian branch of a foreign Bank (Japanese bank)

  • Consulting aircraft company regarding sanctions.

  • Consulting company regarding Swiss and German sanction regulations

  • Experience with drafting indemnification (sanction) letters for OFAC and Evaluation of effects of sanctions

  • 4 years anti-corruption compliance project in Kazakhstan: drafting amendments to legislation, evaluating compliance systems in companies

  • Consulting some individuals on how to release securities and bonds in the Euroclear according to the EU Regulation.

  • Consulting a company on Israeli law and commercial arbitration in Israel.