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In cooperation with several partner law firms, KIAP lawyers provide, inter alia, the following services in Cyprus:

  • Legal representation of clients before state courts and other public authorities in Cyprus
  • Advice on issues of Cyprian Corporate and Tax law
  • Assistance in relocation and adaptation of employees of companies
  • Advise on issues of Migration and Employment law, as well as obtainment of residence permit
  • Advice and legal support in registering legal entities and opening bank accounts
  • Assistance with selection of real estate, accounting, notary, translation and other services
  • Supervision of foreign lawyers in international projects

  • Representation of a management company based in Cyprus and preservation of real estate assets in Russia with a total value exceeding EUR 35,000,000.

  • Preservation of assets of a management company based in Cyprus with turnover exceeding EUR 100,000,000, full retention of funds in the company’s bank accounts in the course of hostile acquisition and illegal activities by the nominee director of the Cyprian company.

  • Preservation of assets of a management company based in Cyprus; the real estate assets are located in the EU and have a total value exceeding EUR 20,000,000.

  • Detection of fraudulent immigration schemes in Cyprus, with the budget over EUR 300,000. Return of a part of funds to the client, and detention of the offenders.