Family and Inheritance Law

The opening of the Family and Inheritance Law Practice was due to a significant increase of profile requests from current and new clients of KIAP, as well as the strengthening of expertise as a result of the successful implementation of a number of projects in this field. As Head of the new direction was appointed Julia Yanygina, an attorney at law with over 20 years of experience in the field of litigation, including more than 10 years in resolving family and inheritance disputes in court and at the pre-trial stage. As part of the Family Law area, KIAP lawyers provide the clients with full support at the pre-trial stage of the process, negotiate and help to protect family assets, as well as represent their interests in courts of general jurisdiction in all types of disputes. Besides, KIAP lawyers represent the clients’ interests in inheritance disputes, as well as advise on the conclusion of a marriage contract or an agreement on the division of jointly acquired property, including common "business".

Family law

Full support at the pre-trial stage:

  • determination of the list of property subject to division, fulfillment of all necessary inquiries to clarify the list of property and documentary evidence of the existence of the property and its title owner
  • advising on the conclusion of a marriage contract or an agreement on the division of common acquired property (including common “business”), preparation of draft contracts, their approval with a notary

Legal support in litigation:

  • representing interests in courts of general jurisdiction in disputes over the division of jointly acquired property, including compensation for the value of a share in a business
  • determination of the range of income from which the fulfillment of alimony obligations is subject, drawing up an agreement on the payment of alimony, participation in negotiations
  • determination of the place of residence for children and the communication procedure with them by one of the spouses
  • establishing paternity
  • divorce in court

Negotiations and protection of family assets

Inheritance law

Representation of interests in disputes:

  • on the establishment of legal facts (godparenthood)
  • on the restoration of terms for accepting inheritance
  • on challenging a will, including its conditions on the creation of an inheritance fund
  • on the actual acceptance of the inheritance
Julia Yanygina
Head of practice
Andrey Korelskiy
Managing partner
  • Successful representation in a family dispute of the interests of the wife of an oligarch with a fortune of more than $ 10 billion according to Forbes.
  • Representation of interests of spouses - an aging couple with a special status of a spouse - a deputy of the State Duma, in the division of common property at the pre-trial stage, the formation of a marriage contract between spouses, its signing, negotiations.
  • Legal support in concluding a marriage contract, negotiating between spouses on the division of property worth over 400 million euros.
  • Successful contestation of a marriage contract based on the provisions of the law on the enslavement of the transaction (a division of property worth more than 40 million rubles).
  • Successful experience of the actual acceptance of the inheritance through the court after missing 6 months period.