The first book on arbitration in Asia in Russian

The first book on arbitration in Asia in Russian

We are happy to announce the release of our new book “Arbitration in Asia”, which contains the features of arbitration not only in the most popular jurisdictions, such as Hong Kong, Singapore and China, but also in Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines.

The book is preferable primarily for inner company lawyers in Russian companies, dealing with foreign partners and using arbitration clauses of “Asian institutes” in cross-border agreements.

We are very pleased that our first readers - are the heads of legal services in big Russian companies – noticed that:

“the book is a very important and useful (mainly – usable) tool for lawyers, working (or intended to work) with counterparties (partners) from Asian countries”;

“According to The World Economic Forum data, in 2020 Asian countries according to GDP will bypass the whole rest of the world ( Economics is where legal disputes are. That is why the good knowledge of legislation and arbitration procedures in such countries as China (including Hong Kong), India, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, is not exotic any more and becomes important competence of any lawyer, taking part in legal support of international deals.”;

“It was a pleasure to read the book about arbitration in Asia, published by colleagues from KIAP. Convenient presentation, focusing on the information, which is necessary for practicing lawyers for right choice of arbitration institute in definite country (Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, Cambodia, China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines)”.

Special thanks to the authors and editors:

  • Anna Grishchenkova, Partner, Head of International Commercial Arbitration Practice at KIAP Law Office;
  • Tatiana Polevshchikova, formerly Deputy Head of the Legal Service of the International Asian Arbitration Center (AIAC, Asian International Arbitration Center);
  • Bushan Abinav, Director of South Asia at the International Court of Arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Singapore;
  • Yana Vaivads, General Counsel, Smart Construction LLC (Skolkovo);
  • Jay Santiago, Senior Associate at Quisumbing Torres Law Firm (member firm of Baker McKenzie International Law Firm), the Philippines;
  • Litzan Chong, formerly an advisor to the Thailand Arbitration Center (THAC), Thailand;
  • Stepan Sultanov, Senior Associate, International Commercial Arbitration Practice, KIAP Law Office;
  • Irina Suspitsyna, Leading Lawyer of APH MIRATORG, LL.M. in International Commercial Arbitration (Stockholm University), Mediator, Master of Psychology, HSE Program "Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Business Consulting";
  • Natalia Kislyakova, formerly a senior lawyer in the practice of international commercial arbitration at the KIAP law office;
  • Anton Kaminsky, lawyer in the practice of international commercial arbitration and the practice of dispute resolution at the KIAP Law Office.

The project would not have taken place without the well-coordinated work of the team:

  • Editor: Ksenia Chernoivanova;
  • Interesting facts about the countries: Anastasia Skovpen;
  • Project manager: Irina Bulgakova;
  • Translation of individual chapters: Ksenia Teplova;
  • Thanks for the photos: Mumbai Arbitration Center, HKIAC, Anastasia Skovpen, Daria Shlyapnikova, Elena Burova, Vyacheslav Misyurin, as well as the authors of the Unsplash resource;
  • Design and layout: Polina Maltseva,

Read the book "Arbitration in Asia" in pdf.

For the book's release, we hosted a webinar where the book's co-authors and invited experts discussed the local specifics and perspectives of arbitration in Asia.

We are glad that the following have also joined the discussion of the coauthors:

  • Tan Shri Dato Cecil Abraham, Senior Partner at Cecil Abraham & Partners Law Firm based in Malaysia, Member of the Advisory Board of the International Council of Commercial Arbitration (ICCA);
  • Alexander Molotnikov, Associate Professor, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov, Chairman of the Board of the Russian-Chinese Law Society (RKYO);
  • Supparok Sakulngyeon, Counsel to the Thailand Arbitration Center (THAC).
Watch the webinar with Russian subtitles.