Measures (countermeasures) in response to unfriendly actions of foreign countries (the "Countersanctions") are generally introduced by a resolution of the President of the Russian Federation in accordance with the following Federal Laws: No. 281-FZ "On Special Economic and Coercive Measures" dat... »

Dmitry Kalinichenko, KIAP White Collar Crime project manager and attorney Daniil Zherdev analyzed the latest changes in criminal and administrative legislation in the light of recent events and prepared an analytical review with recommendations. The review can be found at the link. ... »

Newly adopted regulatory legal acts raised the question of the future licences and possible application of the compulsory licensing rules. In Russia, the compulsory licensing principles used to be applicable (Articles 1239, 1360, 1362, 1423 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, here... »

Force majeure exempts an affected party from liability for failure to perform or improper performance of its obligations while carrying out business activity, where proper performance is temporarily impossible. Accordingly, the starting point in application of force majeure is to determin... »