KIAP is a young enthusiastic team of professionals sharing the same values, working on common goal. Each of us is a bright expert in his/her field and talented individual. What makes us different is persistence and a certain type of character based on energy and positive thinking.

Most of us have been with the Firm since the time it was established, in 2010. Then we chose to believe in the idea behind this type of business and now we can say with certainty that we have already passed the most difficult period of being a start-up, the period of initial growth. Today we have managed to achieve the most important: creating a loyal and professional team in which each player would treat the common goals as his/her own, regardless of a specific role such person plays in the team, and think like a firm’s co-owner caring for his/her own professional enterprise.

Each of us feels we are important participants of the team and everyone shares strong emotional connection. Co-participation is very important for us; together we share in astounding successes and together we worry about everything that could have been done better.

Regardless of our formal status and roles each team member is prepared to take initiative and to offer his/her own solution, without waiting until somebody else “responsible for the process” will make such decision.

Maintaining fast speed is the foundation for our success. We know that personal results determine the overall speed of the entire team and impact growth of our entire firm. We are not afraid to target ambitious timeframes and always find methods how we can even further improve the timelines for the tasks we are working on.