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You would certainly agree with us that a lawyer must be able to comply with the standards dealing with preparation of legal opinions, take into account the form of and special considerations in drawing up service documents, and, of course, a lawyer must be perfectly literate. A lawyer's CV is a document that must be no less exemplary, too.

At KIAP, we have our own CV preparation standards. Get armed with those standards, and your CV will get far more chances of being noticed. The standards are:

  • Volume: no more than 2 pages  
  • Profile links in social networks, such as LinkedIn,, and/or Facebook, but at least two such references  
  • Supporting letter  
  • Exhibit 1:
    • For specialists with experience: a list of successfully implemented projects according to the format specified on our web-site (to view an example, click here), but not more than 10. Hyperlinks to court cases in the arbitration database would be welcome but are not critical.
    • For novice specialists: a list of projects in which they had a chance to participate, academic competitions, contests, and any other social activities    
  • Exhibit 2: 
    • CV visualization (infographics, mind map, storey line, prezi, drawing, and so forth), as an option.
    • We also recommend to give an e-mail address for correspondence which should not contain any nicknames or pet forms (diminutives), for example: ☺

We also recommend adhereing to the following standards in drawing up supporting letters:

  • Volume: no more than 3 paragraphs
  • Reason for which you would like to cooperate with our Firm specifically
  • Reply to the question: Why is it you that we should select?
Getting to know candidates takes several stages:
  • The HR service will review CV for compliance with the above requirements; if a CV is compliant –
  • Forwarding it to the relevant partner; if interested –
  • An initial meeting with the HR service; if the first interview is successful –
  • A meeting with the immediate supervisor and/or the relevant partner.

See you at KIAP! ☺