10 practices and 7 lawyers of KIAP Attorneys at law has received the acceptance of international ranking The Legal 500 EMEA 2021

10 practices and 7 lawyers of KIAP Attorneys at law has received the acceptance of international ranking The Legal 500 EMEA 2021

Today the results of the annual international ranking The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa 2021 have been known.

According to this year’s ranking, KIAP Attorneys at law has been included in the list of the best legal firms in Russia and has received recommendations in 10 directions:

Seven lawyers of KIAP Attorneys at law have received personal recommendations on their directions:

  • Andrey Korelskiy: Leading individual in the direction "Dispute resolution"
  • Anna Grishchenkova: Leading individual in the direction “Dispute resolution: Arbitration and mediation”
  • Konstantin Astafiev: Leading individual in the direction "White-collar Crime"
  • Elena Buranova: Next Generation Partner in the direction “Intellectual Property”
  • Maxim Tabolo: Rising Star in the direction "Intellectual Property"
  • Anastasia Skovpen: Rising Star in the direction "Intellectual Property"
  • Dmitriy Kalinichenko: Rising Star in the direction "White-collar Crime"

«Excellent reputation and worthy professional experience», - it’s how KIAP Attorneys at law team is mentioned in the ranking, representing the interests of high-net-worth individuals and multinational companies, mostly active in the investment, retail, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors, among others. Managing partner Andrey Korelskiy, praised as a “highly effective litigator”, leads the practice and is well versed in insolvency and commercial litigation.

«Our first contact at KIAP is Andrey Korelskiy. An authoritative and respected lawyer and mediator, a positive and open person with excellent communication skills. It is easy to discuss with him even the most difficult cases, he will always find the best solution that meets the interests of all parties», - adds the other interlocutor of the ranking.

Among key figures in the team are Anna Grishchenkova and bankruptcy specialist Ilya Dedkovskiy.

«Our cooperation with KIAP lasts for many years now, and we can confidently say that it is one of the most reliable law firms in the market, with an excellent reputation and worthy professional experience. Litigation is a key specialization of the team – and here they are really at their best: competent lawyers work well in a team and always complete all tasks assigned to them on time and in full», - notices one of the interrogated respondent.

The clients highly appreciate as well the practice of Intellectual Property, which leads Elena Buranova. «They are constantly in contact, giving advice, and go beyond the usual formal “question and answer”. KIAP tries to help by taking into account the vast background of the project, sometimes anticipating expectations», - shares opinion the survey participant.

The principals of KIAP noticed that Elena Buranova always tries to give in her consultations even more than is required, which is appreciated by us. “One feels that Elena is really interested in intellectual property and is ready to share her knowledge with others”.

“Elena Buranova has in-depth knowledge of various aspects of IP law and great strategic vision which enables her to solve any complex business challenge. Being a highly experienced lawyer and an efficient negotiator, she has strong mentorship skills and is actively involved in all matters the team handles”, - according to the quotes of one of the interrogated. And the other adds: “Elena Buranova is exactly that partner of KIAP who can be called the diamond of the entire team. Her level of professional knowledge in the field of patent law and experience in practical application deserves respect and the highest praise”.

The second year in a row among “Rising Star” there noticed a lawyer of Intellectual Property Maksim Tabolo. “Maxim Tabolo is fantastic when it comes to prosecution issues and portfolio management. What makes Maxim stand out is his flair to provide all the information that is needed to make a decision in the first exchange of e-mails/phone call. This is so convenient and I would definitely recommend Maxim for anyone from another jurisdiction or someone who just does not have any experience with IP law in Russia”, - shares opinion the enthusiastic customer.

“Experienced strategist” Konstantin Astafiev – is a partner of White-collar Crime has assembled an 'excellent team working like clockwork under his leadership' at KIAP. The group has noted an uptick in instructions both to represent the injured parties following economic crimes, and to defend senior executives prosecuted for their alleged criminal economic activity. “Konstantin Astafiev is second to none. Konstantin is a top-qualified professional heading and successfully managing very complicated cases, at the same time he is business-minded, very proactive and extremely hard-working”.

Among key names in White-collar Crime practice the ranking notices senior associate Dmitriy Kalinichenko. “Dmitry Kalinichenko is distinguished by a high level of erudition and professional competence. It is comfortable to work with Dmitry, he is always in touch and always up to date”, - notices one of the principal.

“KIAP’s criminal law practice is one of the strongest on the market. Lawyers with full dedication approach the solution of problems and apply original, comprehensive approaches in their work”, - summarizes the pleased customer.

The competition team at KIAP is made unique by its deep knowledge of the specifics of antimonopoly regulation relating to trading activities', and continues to develop its expertise in the area of government procurement, with particular regard to heavy industries; Maxim Buzin takes the lead on both advisory and litigious work of this kind. Cartel-related issues are another cornerstone of the practice, which is headed by Ilya Ischuk and also includes Julia Kirpikova.

“The antimonopoly practice of KIAP is unique in that for many years it has remained one of the few that has been specialised in the issues of antimonopoly regulation of trade activities. Its key capabilities include the ability to settle the claims of antimonopoly authorities at the stage of antimonopoly proceedings, without bringing the issue to court. This clearly indicates a high level of competence and a good knowledge of the current law enforcement practice”.

“I work with Ilya Ishchuk and Maxim Buzin. They are excellent professionals in their field. In each of them, I value their passion for my work and high level of competence. They know how to achieve the best results”, - notices the work of the practice one of the principal.

The team is very mobile, distinguished by strategic planning of antitrust and litigation several steps forward. “The line of defence provides several alternatives, which allows you to achieve success. KIAP is distinguished by the honesty of its predictions and is never reassuring in cases where there is no reason for this”, - is sure one of the principal of the buro.

KIAP dispute resolution team always looks at the core of the problem and takes a pragmatic approach towards the resolution of the dispute. KIAP always takes into account the perspectives of the possible outcome of each case strategy and in particular handles disputes with due respect to specific features of each jurisdiction. The group specialises in international commercial arbitration conducted either on an hoc basis, or instituted under the rules of the ICAC, the ICC and the LCIA. Anna Grishchenkova leads the practice, where recently promoted senior associate Stepan Sultanov is also a key figure.

“I work with Anna Grishchenkova on international arbitration and litigation matters. Anna is one of the best well-known arbitration practitioners in Moscow. She has an exceptional understanding of the procedural nuances of domestic and international arbitration and is able to deploy that experience very effectively to secure a successful outcome. Anna is also a very accomplished advocate who has analysed (and written about) the psychology of persuasive advocacy. She is able to identify and utilise the most effective approach to arguing a case and is, as a result, a formidable trial lawyer”, - summarizes one of the principal.

“Reliable, result-focused and totally dedicated to the client’s aims’. Reflective of practice head Sergey Popov’s expertise, the team is well-versed in representing large domestic and foreign clients in property disputes. It is increasingly advising international retail companies on lease agreements and other contractual arrangements relating to the Covid-19 pandemic; recently promoted senior associate Julia Usacheva is the key contact”, - written in the research.

“Sergey Popov demonstrates excellent knowledge of substantive and procedural law, has extensive experience in effective legal proceedings, knows effective practical ways of solving judicial problems”, - adds the ranking’s expert.

As it notes in the ranking, the bankruptcy department at KIAP provides ‘excellent advice focusing on the best business interests of the client’. It is consistently engaged on contentious insolvency-related matters by both domestic and international companies; its recent workload has included an increase of instructions relating to pre-bankruptcy transactions. Recently promoted practice head Ilya Dedkovskiy has accrued extensive experience handling disputes involving subsidiary liability issues relating to corporate indebtednes. “Ilya Dedkovsky is distinguished by an excellent knowledge of the psychology of judges, which allows him to find an approach to any judge and predict the future course of the trial. He always finds non-standard arguments in favor of his client and knows how to explain complex things in a simple, non-legal language. Ilya is always calm and balanced in court sessions, does not yield to provocations”, - notes the experts.

Among the key figures of bankruptcy practice the ranking distinguishes the lawyer Sergey Ilyin, “He is a real rising star in the legal market. He has significant experience in litigation, both in bankruptcy cases and in other categories of cases. Sergey has attention to detail and an ability to convince judges”.

KIAP distinguishes itself through its wide-ranging tax advisory work, spanning tax risk management, compliance, and tax planning and structuring. The team has industry-specific specialisms in the gold, minerals and aviation sectors, where it handles general tax and VAT issues. It also handles international taxation issues in the financial services sector, working in tandem with the firm’s banking and finance group led by senior associate Roman Suslov. Practice head Andrey Zuykov is regarded as ‘a professional of the highest level’. “The tax practice of KIAP is distinguished by the high quality and the variety of services provided, ranging from simple advice on taxation and ending with complex tax disputes in courts. I was particularly impressed by the quick reaction of the lawyers to the request for legal assistance. The work on the projects was carried out by the lawyers within the agreed timeframe. At the same time, it was possible to contact the partner to ask additional questions and get advice”, - notes the expert.

The corporate and commercial KIAP team is distinguished by its unique approach. KIAP always gives extremely practical advice that meets the interests of the client and always takes into account the specifics of the client’s business. KIAP is well versed in the current judicial practice and always advises by taking into account the current judicial realities. KIAP lawyers are always in touch and ready to give prompt and qualified advice.

“Deep knowledge of the market and detailed understanding of aspects of legal support for e-commerce in the Russian Federation”, - this is how experts characterize KIAP experience in TMT sphere. KIAP team brings together specialists from the commercial practice, under the headship of Julia Kirpikova, and the IP group, led by newly promoted partner Elena Buranova. The firm has recently expanded its expertise in the e-commerce, personal data and AI spheres, and continues to handle largely advisory work.

The Legal 500 is one of the most authoritative legal publications, founded in 1988. Evaluations and recommendations of the series are based on the independent research and questionnaires, filled by the legal firms, and surveys, conducted among their clients and partners. The mission of the ranking is to identify the leading law firms and key experts in various areas of law. The Legal 500 Series provides the most comprehensive and precise worldwide coverage currently available on legal services providers, in over 150 jurisdictions.