KIAP Lawyers obtained a 27-fold reduction in fines and customs payments for the Principal

KIAP Lawyers obtained a 27-fold reduction in fines and customs payments for the Principal
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When crossing the customs border, the Principal of KIAP, Attorneys at Law, was detained by officers of the Sheremetyevo customs for, in their view, violation of the rules on importing goods for personal use into the customs territory.

Imported goods were seized, an administrative offense case was initiated and, as a result of consideration of which an administrative fine in the amount of 1.7 million rubles was imposed, and the total amount of customs payments was established as more than 0.5 million rubles.

Based on the results of handling complaints and clarifications filed by KIAP lawyers, orders on imposing an administrative fine were canceled twice by the court and the case was returned to the Sheremetyevo Customs to eliminate the deficiencies.

According to the results of the further examination of the administrative case by the customs, the total amount of the fine imposed was reduced to 60 thousand rubles, and the amount of customs payments due was reduced to 20 thousand rubles. Furthermore, the seized goods are fully returned to the Principal.

According to KIAP lawyers, it was possible to ensure its complete cessation in this case, with the exemption of the Principal from the obligation to pay the full amount of the fine and customs payments, but the Principal was completely satisfied with the result of the case and decided not to appeal against the final ruling of customs in court.

The interests of the Principal in this case were represented by attorneys at law Alexey Sizov and Alexander Kim.

We would like to recall that the cost of goods for personal use, imported from abroad to the Russian Federation in accompanied baggage by air, should not exceed the amount of 10,000 EUR, the cost of goods imported by other modes of transport - 500 EUR. In relation to certain categories of goods, as well as goods defined as commercial batch, other types of restrictions on their import to the Russian Federation may apply.

Customs and International Trade

KIAP's Customs and international trade section offers a full range of legal services in the area of customs law, administrative and legal representation in disputes with customs authorities, and advice on the application of and compliance with the relevant legislation. The practice is headed by Partner and Attorney at law Alexey Sizov, personally recommended by the international legal directories Best Lawyers 2021 (in three areas: Customs and Excise Law, Litigation, Trade Law) and Who's Who Legal 2019 (Trade & Customs), as well as by Russian Pravo-300 (Foreign trade/Customs Law and Currency Regulation) and "Kommersant" (Customs and International trade), who has extensive experience in settling and litigating disputes with customs authorities and advising on various aspects of customs law and IMEX. Among the practice's clients are major Russian and international retailers and manufacturers.

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