Mobilization consulting

Deregister from Military Service under a Power of Attorney

First, we will evaluate the deregister prospects, identify the obstacles, and advise how these could be eliminated, provide the list of required documents. Having gotten all the documents, we will visit the military recruiting office, and deregister you. We will give you a power of attorney form with all the requisite powers, and tell which documents need to be translated or legalized.

We provide assistance with deregister from military service both in Moscow and other locations.

We also consult those who wish to deregister from military service on their own or with the aid of friends or relatives.

Visit our chatbot to learn more how to deregister from military service without personally attending the military recruiting office.


Changing the category of eligibility for military service

We have teamed up with doctors that help us determine whether there are any grounds to downgrade the eligibility category. If additional medical checkups are needed to get a category exempting from military service, the doctors will prompt on such and, most likely, complete them. We also have forensic experts that can aid in case of a dispute with the military recruiting office.

Legal assistance at military recruiting offices and law enforcement agencies

To avoid any infringement of our principals’ rights, we accompany them to military recruiting offices when they receive conscription notices. For instance, we make sure they get the deferment they are entitled to. We also provide assistance to our principals in law enforcement agencies in relation to military duty. For example, when the police summon an army recruit to verify if there are any grounds to institute criminal proceedings regarding the military service evasion.

During military mobilization period, we have protected dozens of citizens from illegal recruitment, including by compiling appeal letters to the military prosecutor’s office.


Appealing against illegal recruitment and other acts of military recruiting office

We help appeal against illegal conscription into the armed forces, and military mobilization. For instance, in cases when military recruiting offices ignore the existing deferment or have assigned a wrong eligibility category.


Consulting hotline for employees of companies

Sometimes, companies engage us to aid their employees. If any employees have issues related to military service, our lawyers will help tackle them by giving consultations, visiting military recruiting offices, and drawing up appeal letters.

During the military mobilization period, we have consulted 300+ persons via the hotline.


Preparing opinions on most controversial issues

Sometimes, our principals may have issues related to military duty and mobilization, which they are unable to solve on their own. We aid them and prepare legal opinions justifying our view based on laws.

If requested by our principals, we prepare quality analytics that cover new laws. For example, after the Law on Electronic Conscription Notices was announced, there were many issues concerning its practical applicability. We aided our principals to find out, evaluate the degree of impact on their activity, and produce an algorithm of adaptation to new features.


Workshops and trainings on military mobilization issues

Employers ask us to arrange trainings for employees so that their rights are not infringed. Such trainings are intended to prepare people in advance before visiting military recruiting offices so that people know what to do. We make the training and workshop agendas in view of employee wishes.

Andrey Korelskiy
Managing partner

  • 10+ successful cases to deregister from military service under a power of attorney in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Belgorod, and Chelyabinsk, including for army recruits and officers.

  • Preparing a legal opinion for the New Zealand Immigration Service on matters covered by Russian laws in relation to deferment from military mobilization.

  • Preparing a training workshop following the Law on Electronic Conscription Notices for employees of large engineering and construction businesses in the petrochemical sector.

  • Consulting a major Russian bank (listed as a systemically important bank) on the issues of recruiting its employees for military service due to partial mobilization. Lawyers of KIAP, Attorneys at Law, offer services on current consulting for separate employees of the bank, and develop general guides, relevant for all employees. In addition, lawyers of KIAP, Attorneys at Law, prepare documents to challenge wrongful recruiting cases and take part in court proceedings. In one case, the court imposed an injunction and suspended a recruiting resolution for the period of proceedings. These are one-off measures for the courts.

  • We offer a similar range of services for a largest insurance company in Russia.

  • Consulting a major foreign seller of sports facilities and clothing on military mobilization issues. Via the hotline, the lawyers of KIAP, Attorneys at Law, answer the recruiting-related questions asked by the company's employees.

  • Consulting a major online store on issues related to announcement of partial military mobilization. Lawyers of KIAP, Attorneys at Law, have prepared an opinion on issues related to commencement of the special military operation and announcement of partial military mobilization. Furthermore, Lawyers of KIAP, Attorneys at Law, have consulted the principal concerning the grounds for deferment from military mobilization for individual employees.