Representing the client (an owner of dangerous goods) in a matter related to a fire during sea transportation

KIAP Law Firm's client signed a forwarding agreement. There was a fire on the vessel during the sea transportation of dangerous goods owned by the client. As a result of the fire, the vessel and the cargo owned by other persons were damaged, and a general average was declared. The client's cargo also suffered significant damage. The shipowner and the forwarder initiated a separate investigation into the causes of the fire with a view to making further claims against the person responsible for the fire.

As the owner of dangerous goods, the client engaged lawyers of KIAP Law Firm to assist in inspecting the residue cargo in a foreign port and represent it during the investigation of the incident.

Lawyers of KIAP Law Firm arranged the collection of evidence, coordinated with a surveyor in the foreign port, the production facility and shipment point of the cargo, negotiated with the forwarder to determine the causes of the fire, and prepared a pre-trial claim against the forwarder.

The case was managed by Maria Krasnova and Alexander Kartashov.