Natalia Kovalkova and Anastasia Ryabova, Associates in the International Commercial Arbitration practice, joined the Russian Women in Arbitration (RWA) team.

RWA is an independent initiative aimed to promote and support women's leadership in arbitration. In its activities, the RWA Steering committee and team are committed to create opportunities for communication and exchange of experience among lawyers practicing international arbitration in Russia and abroad, and to spread knowledge among young lawyers and students.

The main projects of the initiative are:

  • RWA Mentoring Program;
  • RWA Get Together meetings for arbitration professionals;
  • RWA Scholarship to support rising stars in arbitration; and
  • RWA Talks with women leaders in arbitration - RWA has already interviewed Patricia Shaughnessy, Wendy Miles KC, Carolyn Lamm and Sophie Nappert, and their interviews have been published on the initiative's Youtube channel.

RWA has recently launched two new projects:

  • InspoWoman, where women who have built successful careers in arbitration share their experiences - one of the recent participant of the project was Anna Grishchenkova
  • RWAnswers, where everyone can ask a question related to a career in arbitration and get an answer from competent experts.

Natalia Kovalkova and Anastasia Ryabova joined the RWA team as a coordinator of conferences and events and coordinator of the RWA Mentorship Program respectively.

RWA news can be followed on the website and in telegram.