Successful New Zealand immigration case

Successful New Zealand immigration case

Some countries may reject visa applications from Russian nationals due to the concerns that, fleeing from mobilization, they would not want to leave the country after their visa has expired.

One of KIAP's clients found himself in a similar situation. He was admitted to a university in New Zealand and was planning to study there. But applying for a student visa turned out to be a complicated case due to the current political situation. The New Zealand Immigration Service had concerns that our client might violate his visa terms and stay in New Zealand after completing his education to avoid mobilization. As a result, they rejected his visa application.

KIAP attorneys drafted a legal opinion for the New Zealand Immigration Service. It stated that, according to the Russian laws, our client was not subject to mobilization since he was temporarily exempt from military service. Hence, he was not trying to flee from mobilization and had no reasons to stay in New Zealand for longer than was needed to complete his studies.

The New Zealand Immigration Service acknowledged KIAP's expertise in the Russian mobilization law, agreed with our reasoning and issued the visa. Finally, the client could move to New Zealand and proceed with his education.

Similar situations frequently arise with migration services of other countries, especially when companies are trying to relocate their employees. If your employees have similar issues, you can contact Kirill Korshunov, head of Mobilization Consulting, or reach out to us via our Telegram bot.