Conducting an antimonopoly compliance audit and developing internal policies for the largest retail chain in Russia

The largest retail chain represented in more than 50 regions of Russia contacted KIAP with a request to audit the company’s activities for compliance with antimonopoly legislation.

The primary goal of the project was to identify all processes that entail antimonopoly risks, the “holders” of these processes within the company, as well as their relationship. The task was complicated due to the fact that such work was carried out within the company for the first time and simultaneously with the internal transformation of the client’s business processes. Besides, in addition to the formal analysis of procedures, KIAP lawyers conducted an analysis of the practice of implementing the most risky processes through numerous interviews with employees, as well as analysis of their communication.

Based on analysis results, a matrix and risk map were prepared, which made it possible to structure and rank all identified risks. Based on the above-mentioned data, KIAP employees prepared draft local regulations, which formed the basis of the retailer’s antimonopoly compliance system.


Ilya Ischuk, Julia Paushkina, Daniil Zherdev, Nikita Lutskiy