Preparation of responses to requests from antimonopoly authorities in the interests of an international manufacturer of construction products based on stone wool

The client received a number of requests from antimonopoly authorities requesting information on sales volumes and pricing. According to the requests, the antimonopoly authorities conduct an investigation for complaints about rising prices for construction materials as well as for possible anti-competitive collusion. To receive current advice and assistance in preparing responses to the regulator’s requests, the Client contacted KIAP.              

KIAP employees analysed information about the manufacturing, sales and profitability of products, and also provided recommendations on ways to correctly display information taking into account the identified features of production, sales and reporting.

Based on analysis results, responses to the requests received from the antimonopoly authorities were prepared. The information contained in the responses to requests made it possible to prove the Client’s compliance with antimonopoly restrictions when increasing product prices. As a result, an antimonopoly case was not initiated against the Client.


Ilya Ischuk, Daniil Zherdev